One step closer to Digital Image Darkroom Utopia!

My re-touch studio is, as of today, one step closer to the ultimate Digital Imaging Darkroom. Hurrah!

So far this means:

  • Full window blackout, of course
  • Full digital control of ambient light levels in the studio. (I can control exact dimmer settings for uplight and downlight – either independently or in tandem – from both the iPhone and the command line. How cool is that?)
  • Light bulbs with 6500k colour temperature and pure white walls
  • Brand spanking new IPS display, custom calibrated to my chosen ambient light level and temperature in the room (re-calibrated every 5 minutes, not that it needs it)
  • Wacom Intuos, of course
  • Little fake electric candles for ambiance (calibrated into the ambient light reading as well!)
  • Dedicated remote controls for light and music database, speakers mounted nicely for desk position

It’s like looking at my photos with new eyes!