Photographing Ambridge’s Finest

Just before Christmas 2010 I was invited to photograph Tom Archer from BBC Radio 4’s epic radio soap, The Archers.

Although it was nothing to do with the highly publicised 60th Anniversary of the show, it was great catching up with a leading actor behind the soap opera that has seen through more British history than any other soap on TV or radio.

Tom (his name in real life too) has played a leading role in this quintessentially British drama for 13 years.

Here are a couple of shots from the session.

Mat Smith Photography - Radio 4 Actor Tom Graham (Tom Archer) at home

Mat Smith Photography - Radio 4 Actor Tom Graham (Tom Archer) outside in December 2010 Snow

Simple mobile lighting allows really great results even for family photography in the home. Here is a really tight crop of the first photograph shown above to show the detail and clarity in a higher resolution:

Mat Smith Photography - Radio 4 Actor Tom Graham (Tom Archer) at home - studio quality sharpness

Boys being boys – family and character portraiture in Richmond, London

I have never met a single person who, when asked to ‘relax and look natural’ in front of a huge lens pointing in their face, takes a photograph that actually represents their character in some way.

Nor have I ever met a child who will sit still for a photograph.

At least, perhaps they will do for a school photograph. But that’s a school photo for you: well-lit mugshot at best.

But as for any other portraiture of children, they won’t sit still.

I therefore find it takes the stress out of photographing boys when you work with them rather than against them…

Mat Smith Photography Portrait of two boys pulling silly faces