Author Marianne Power hiding behind her novel "Help Me", wide eyes peeping from above book cover

Marianne Power: Help Me!

The summer hols are here, and what better way to spend time relaxing and reflecting than by a pool with a good read. My usual go-tos are dark, edgy novels – think author Ian Macabre, (sorry, McEwan).

Not so for Marianne Power, who set herself the task to read a new self help book each month for an entire year, following their advice to the letter, in a quest to change her life, hopefully, for the better.

Picador are set to publish Help Me in Hard back, e-book and audio in September 2018, and we were invited to take some publicity shots of Marianne in East London.

We had fun wandering around Marianne’s neighbourhood of Homerton, popping into some of the local cafes that were favorite haunts of hers whilst penning her journey of self help.

Marianne Power, Author, smiling sat outside a cafe in East London

Marianne’s “go-to” cafe to write about her journey

As Help Me is out after the hols, forgive me if I stick to grizzly fiction whilst enjoying the unusually glorious English summer – I promise to break from my usual genre to dive into a year of self help with Marianne once her book is out this September.

Author of "Help Me", Marianne Power, leaning against London stock wall

The bookseller: Interview with Marianne Power featuring photograph by Mat Smith Photography

An article in The Bookseller

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