Lawson Piano Trio shoot near Tate Modern

On Monday I met the three talented individuals who make up the Lawson Trio ( for a morning session of photography, starting outside Tate Modern then moving over the river to a variety of scenes around St Paul’s, Barbican, and Liverpool Street.

Annabelle Lawson: Piano
Fenella Humphreys: Violin
Rebecca Knight: Cello

Well – in the UK we are not used to such wonderful bright days at this time of the year (I recall last year at this time it was … snowing?) but it was the wind that was the real show-stopper.

Annabelle Lawson - Lawson Trio - Mat Smith Photography

Annabelle Lawson - Pianist for Lawson Trio - Mat Smith Photography

We had a lovely shot idea in mind but it was rendered impossible because of the direct sunlight (and the fact we didn’t have an entourage of 10 helpers to who can hold up flags / sun blockers / reflectors). Nevertheless, it’s always possible to run for shade, which is what we did for the first scene.

Oh and that brisk North Sea wind? Wind is never a major problem as long as it’s up and down. In fact I love the movement it creates, the expression on the face it causes, and the pressure it puts you under to click the shutter at the precise moment!

Rebecca Knight - Lawson Trio - Mat Smith Photography

Rebecca Knight - Cellist for Lawson Trio - Mat Smith Photography


These photos were lit with a single umbrella in the shade, camera right. The first umbrella died a death in the strong gusts, luckily I had a standby brolly…


Fenella Humphreys - Lawson Trio - Mat Smith Photography

Fenella Humphreys - Violinist for Lawson Trio - Mat Smith Photography