The Lawson Trio Welcomes Violinist, Francesca Barritt

The Lawson Trio: Rebecca Knight (left) Annabelle Lawson (centre) Francesca Barritt (right)

After some time away from the music scene for the birth of Annabelle’s beautiful son Marty, these photos are to welcome Francesca Barritt as new violinist to the Lawson Trio.

Annabelle Lawson: Pianist

Francesca Barritt: Violinist

Fran has been busy this year leading English Touring Opera, and recently performing recitals as part of the fascinating Multi Story Orchestra series, as well as playing at Opera Holland Park season with the trio’s cellist Rebecca.

Rebecca Knight: Cellist

You can catch the Lawson Trio for their latest CD launch concert next month at the Sound Laboratory, University of Sheffield, and events starting in 2019, with recitals in Bromsgrove on 22nd February and Sheffield on 10th March.

On the steps of St. Michael Cornhill Church

The Lawson Trio

Best of the Polo Calendar shoots 2010-2011

Here are a few of my favourite shots from the two Polo Club Calendars photographed by Mat Smith Photography over the last year or so.

The unauthorised publishing, copying, or distributing of the below images is prohibited. Copyright Mat Smith Photography.

Hannah and Mini, Nottingham Polo Club Calendar 2010



Rosie and Horse, RVC Polo Club Calendar 2011


Five Bar Gate, RVC Polo Club Calendar 2011


Emily with Boots in Hay, Nottingham Polo Club Calendar 2010


Horse in River at Sunset, RVC Polo Club Calendar 2011



Horse Trailer, RVC Polo Club Calendar 2011

Champagne and Puppies, RVC Polo Club Calendar 2011


Eloise on Horse, Nottingham Polo Club Calendar 2010


Beth in Hay, Nottingham Polo Club Calendar 2010







Boys being boys – family and character portraiture in Richmond, London

I have never met a single person who, when asked to ‘relax and look natural’ in front of a huge lens pointing in their face, takes a photograph that actually represents their character in some way.

Nor have I ever met a child who will sit still for a photograph.

At least, perhaps they will do for a school photograph. But that’s a school photo for you: well-lit mugshot at best.

But as for any other portraiture of children, they won’t sit still.

I therefore find it takes the stress out of photographing boys when you work with them rather than against them…

Mat Smith Photography Portrait of two boys pulling silly faces